Arugam Bay in a few days

Tis the season in Arugam Bay. Although Arugam Bay is well known for surf tourism, what do both the non-surfers and surfers alike do when, as the surfer slang goes “Flat”. Where waves are not particular at their best to go out for catching waves to surf.

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Down-South Beaches of Sri Lanka

Unawatuna is your cliché beach town, where the water is turquoise color & the sand is clean. It is not so ideal for surfing, but rather more suited for swimming & snorkeling. This beach town is full of young partygoers from all over the world during the winter season of November – April. You will be immediately embraced by the laid-back hippy culture, where youngsters are sipping on a beer and enjoying a smoke while the calm wind brushes over them.

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