Natural UNESCO World Heritages

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, located in the south-west lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka, is the last sustainable tropical rainforest area that is left. Majority of the area was officially considered as a forest reserve in 1875, and also announced as a biosphere reserve in 1978. Sri Lanka has 830 endemic species of trees, out of which 217 are found here in Sinharaja. Some valuable plants found in this forest include the Palm (used for jaggery), cardamom, dun (used for varnish and incense), wewal, & weniwal (used for medicinal purposes).

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Cultural UNESCO World Heritages

Ancient city of Sigiriya

This capital city was built by King Kassapa I (477-95) and is located majestically at the zenith of a granite peak 180m high (Sigiriya Lion’s Rock Fortress). This is basically an enormous rock in the middle of the jungle, and it is visible from a very long distance as you approach Sigiriya. Even the entrance to this royal “fortress” is the large open mouth of a lion and the staircases & galleries that you pass are truly marvelous.

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