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Coach Carter

Nishan Rajakaruna came back to his motherland, Sri Lanka in December, 2009 because he couldn’t get a good job as a Chemical Engineer in the United States of America following the massive economic crisis that took place in 2008.

At this stage his dream was shattered and he was crying for months with his mother. So, Nishan (Coach Carter as he is known now) started from 0 and became a self-made millionaire at the young age of 30 after building (from scratch) one of the top 10 travel firms (www.totaltravelsolution.com) in Sri Lanka’s Spanish market at the young age of 25. This is an amazing story of courage, determination, & revival. After creating a net-worth of 100 M plus, he retired from the material world to live a spiritual life where he now meditates for 2-3 hrs per day and studies Lord Buddha’s teachings because he has realised that true happiness lies in Nirvana, not in money.

Coach Carter’s Passion now is to coach upcoming youngsters and help them too, reach their respective financial targets just like he did. Already he has coached many youngsters to achieve success. You can see the loving reviews on the Facebook page

He has mastered the art of combining health, wealth & spirituality to live a perfectly-optimised life. He is a great role model, motivator, & coach that was educated, molded, & groomed at Bucknell University, which is one of the top 16 universities in U.S.A!